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"Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room." - Mark Hampton

A rug that is bunching and wrinkling can be frustrating, a pad can help keep everything in place. Placing a rug pad under your rug not only makes it more comfortable and cushioned, it can help protect loves ones by keeping the rug firm to the ground preventing tripping and falls.

We have used our premium paddings for many years and can attest to its durability and quality. Our trained staff will custom cut our pads to any shape and size, whether it be circular or an extra long runner.

Firm grounding

No matter how high the pile of the rug, there is always a hazard with a slipper floor. Only high quality padding should be used to prevent slip but also to prevent any stains or damage to the flooring or rug.

Unfortunately paddings does not last forever, it will gradually break down and lose its ability to keep the rug firmly to the ground.

We recommend replacing padding no more than every 5 years. You may want to consider replacing it sooner in high traffic areas.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” - Jane Austen

New levels of comfort

In addition to making sure the rug lies flat, padding increases the cushion and durability of your rug.

If you haven’t used a pad under your rug, it can vastly change how the rug feels under your feet. You will see yourself using the floor more often!

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