How Often Should I Wash my Persian Rug

You should be cleaning your Oriental rugs every 2-5 years depending on where your rug is located, traffic and soiling. 

It is difficult to assess whether your rug needs a wash by just looking at it. Persian rugs are so well-made and incredibly durable that they can take foot traffic for years without looking dirty, particularly if the rug is a darker color. 

Although Persian rugs are incredibly durable, the dirt that’s hiding in the rug will slowly destroy it if not cleaned properly. This is because the soil and other contaminants are deep in the foundation of the rug, grinding away at the wool and silk fibers every time you walk on it. By professionally washing your rug you will further increase the lifespan and enjoyment of your rug for generations. 


How often should Persian rugs be washed?

Oriental rugs should be professionally cleaned every 2-5 years. The frequency of cleaning varies depending on usage. You’ll need to adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly if you wear shoes in your home or if you have any unforeseen accidents such as spilling a drink.  

Every 2-3 year - I have kids and pets that walk on my rug all day: If you have kids and pets you should have your rug professionally cleaned at least once every other year! If your pets sleep on the rugs you may have to have them cleaned more often. 

Every 3 years - regular usage: As long as you don’t have pets and you vacuum regularly you should wash your rug every 2 years to remove any trapped dirt. 

Every 3-5 years - My rug is hardly walked on: If your rug is hardly walked on and you vacuum regularly you can usually wait a few years between cleanings. However, if your rug is in a dark and or unused room you should be careful to prevent moth damage


How do you maintain a Persian rug?

Regularly vacuuming is the best way to maintain your Oriental rug. We recommend using a vacuum with a strong suction and avoiding rotating brush attachments and beater bars. You should vacuum the topside of your rug weekly, and the backside every 1-2 months to loosen dirt from the underside.

You will still need to have it periodically professionally cleaned to remove trapped dirt.

Should Persian rugs be cleaned?

YES! Oriental rugs should be professionally cleaned every 2-5 years.

Can Persian rugs be washed?

It’s best to have your rug cleaned professionally every 2-5 years.  Your oriental rug requires careful cleaning to keep it looking good as new. 

How do you spot-clean a Persian rug?

Step 1: Remove any excess moisture or debris. 

Step 2: Blot liquids (like urine or wine) with a clean white absorbent towel. 

Step 3: Continue blotting with a mild detergent added to the water. 

Step 4: Use a clean sponge or towel to blot the spot with the detergent water.

Step 5: Repeat until the stain is gone.

Depending on the type of stain you may want to schedule a professional cleaning for your Oriental rug.

Can I clean an Oriental rug myself?

It is best to have a professional wash your rug who has experience with cleaning Oriental rugs. Many times you can damage your rug if you do not clean it properly. These types of rugs benefit best from a gentle professional handwashing technique.

DO NOT use a washing machine to clean your Oriental rug. Oriental rugs can begin to fall apart or disintegrate in a washing machine. 

DO NOT use Rug Doctor or similar products on Persian or Oriental rugs.

DO NOT steam clean your rug because it can damage Oriental and antique rugs

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