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Handwoven rugs are our passion. We feel we have a duty to preserve this beautiful art form. It is our privilege to work with you to ensure your rug lasts for many generations to come.

We have been fortunate to serve our clients since 1974. Like our rugs, we strive to create a lifetime relationship with our clients and thier passion projects. We are incredibly proud of our reputation for our honesty and expertise.

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We are a full service gallery offering:
-Washing and cleaning
-Custom Padding
-Rug Repair and Restoration
-Custom Rugs

Our recommendations for rug care

Wash & Cleaning

Handmade rugs are highly valued for their excellence, craftmenship, durability, and beauty. Professional rug washing will increase the lifespan and enjoyment of your rug for many years.

Although Persian rugs are incredibly durable, the dirt that is hiding in the rug will slowly destroy it if not cleaned properly. This is because the soil and other contaminants are deep in the foundation of the rug, grinding away at the wool and silk fibers every time you walk on it, and cause the wool to dry out and reduces flexibility and durability of the fibers.

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The Adibs’ are a generational rug family. Persian rugs are a specialized form of art that requires the most qualified appraisers. For over 50 years Adib’s has worked with insurance companies and auction houses as a trusted advior. Trust the advice of one the foremost experts in handmade rugs. You can count on unbiased and informitive appraisals.

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Repair & Restoration

With handwoven rugs, proactive repair can be the difference between a straight forward fix and a costly restoration. If you notice early signs of wear, fraying, or unraveling of the pile, fringes or edges of your rug, reach out right away. We will do everything we can to help with quick, quality mending, saving you money and preserving the rug’s value and beauty in the longrun.

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Rug Padding

A rug that is bunching and wrinkling can be frustrating, a pad can help keep everything in place. Placing a rug pad under your rug not only makes it more comfortable and cushioned, it can help protect loves ones by keeping the rug firm to the ground preventing tripping and falls. We have used our premium paddings for many years and can attest to its durability and quality. Our trained staff will custom cut our pads to any shape and size, whether it be circular or an extra long runner.

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Custom Rugs

While we stock an extensive array of rugs, our bespoke rugs can be tailor made to your individual needs and specifications. Let’s work with your home’s unique fabrics, paints and artwork in creating a perfect compliment. We’ll collaborate with you on rug size, style, material and color palette to create an exclusive aesthetic that feels unique to you. We will then engage a hand-selected team of artisans to weave your vision into reality.

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