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Adib’s Rugs

Est. 1974



True Tradition

Rug Weaving is a household tradition which is passed down through generations, Abolfazl founded Adib’s to enable people who were by trade farmers and homemakers , to elevate their craft and become full time professional artisans.


A Handwoven History

To help fund his UC Berkeley education, Ray Adib begins sourcing and distributing unique, handwoven art created in his family’s village in Iran to friends, colleagues and professors in California.

One professor recognizes the unparalleled quality of Ray’s rugs, and suggests he turn his passion for the tradition of artisan weaves into a full-time profession.


A Heritage of Humanity

Ray asks his father Abolfazl to aid him in sourcing and sharing the highest-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces direct from his Persian hometown. He opens the first Adib’s Rugs showroom in Walnut Creek, California, where it remains to this day.

In doing so, Adib’s begins to help skilled craftspeople in turning their passions into full-time, fairly-paid professions.


A Household Tradition

As word of Adib’s spreads, Ray and his brother, Dr. Hamid Adib, grow their expertise for ethically sourcing long-lasting, unique pieces.

Together, they expand their family business by opening a sister showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Showtime to Showroom

Adib’s Salt Lake City showroom moves to The Villa: one of Utah's oldest theatres, restored to historical accuracy.

The space is curated to house Adib’s most expansive handwoven collection.


From our family, to yours

Today, Dr. Hamid Adib, Ray Adib, and their sons, Medi and Amin Adib celebrate half a century in business and manage both the original family showroom in Walnut Creek and the iconic Villa Theatre showroom in Salt Lake City.

With weavers from Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, and America now combining unique designs with traditional technique, Adib’s Rugs has become one of the world’s most beloved hand-woven art galleries.

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